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Rev. Barbara Rogoski created the Gay and Lesbian Wedding Ceremony Guide to help you to have all the information you need in one place – to organize the wedding ceremony with templates and guidelines and advise to help you put it together. As a minister who performs wedding ceremonies,  I know the importance of choosing the right celebrant, the right readings, the right people to read them and all things around the ceremony.

I also encourage the couple to spend time to be sure that all important issues are discussed and clear between them before they get married. That is why I have created the PRE-MARRIAGE COUNSELING PROGRAM FOR SAME SEX COUPLES. Along with my 30 questions for self reflection inlcuded in the ebook, we will look at all the important issued together. This will not ensure 100% that the couple will stay together forever, but it really covers all important life issues that the couple will face – without any surprises or “deal breaker” issues that were not taken care of before the wedding.

If laws change, and more US states allow same sex marriage, many more same sex couples will be able to legally marry and enjoy all the advantages that will provide. This guide and counseling will help you to prepare well for your marriage and commitment.

So check out the free download, purchase the ebook and sign up for our Pre-Marriage Counseling Program for Same Sex Couples Program here :



The first time a man puts on a dress he looks like – a man in a dress. In our minds we picture ourselves as dainty, feminine and gorgeous, but we’re actually a man caught wearing girl’s clothes. Looking good as a woman is a hard thing to do – just ask any lady who has spent an hour doing her hair and makeup!

If you’re just looking for some quick tips on what to wear the first time you cross dress then my previous article is the right place for you to start. If you want to look fabulous, and pass as a genetic woman – then read on and also get your “Male-to-female Cross Dressing Guide” here :

There are seven aspects to looking great and passing as a genetic woman every time:

  1. Wearing clothes that make you look good
  2. Making sure your curves are in the right places
  3. Feminine body movement
  4. Hairstyle that feminizes your face
  5. Natural makeup
  6. A feminine voice
  7. Loving who you are as a woman

Do we want to look like men wearing dresses?

NO! If you’re like me, the image you hold of yourself is as a beautiful movie star, not a guy in drag. The truth is that we can all look and feel beautiful – but it takes some work.

Learn how to crossdress

If you’re eager to look fabulous today, I highly recommend the Male-to-female Cross Dressing Guide. You’ll get all the tips and tricks you need to be the woman you are, and complete your male to female transformation!

Before we get started though, I want to share with you the biggest mistake men make when they wear woman’s clothes. This is probably the number one reason why cross dressers fail to pass, and end up looking like a guy in drag instead of a passable woman.

Before I share it with you, think for a moment on how you picture yourself as a woman. Let me guess, high heels, short skirt, dramatic makeup and plunging neck line. Am I right?

The biggest mistake the transgendered make is that:

When men cross dress they try to look like a whore

Not many woman would be caught dead wearing 6″ heels and a mini-skirt that barely covers their panties. Yet cross dressers try to dress like this – they’re dressing as their own fantasy girl. Take a tip from genetic woman – most of the time they are dressing for their girl friend, or to impress other woman. They are trying to out do other woman, not fulfill a man’s sexual fantasy.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have all the other attributes of a woman, if you dress like a whore you will stand out.

Until then, good luck – and look gorgeous!