“jealousy is one of the most wasteful feelings anyone can have. Instead of being jealous of what other people have, be happy for them because you can have the same and better.”-Mayimba


“Just because you fell inlove , doesn’t mean you know how to love.  It’s possible to fall inlove at first sight, but impossible to forget those u attempted loving. Live and learn. Forgive but never forget. Dislike but never hate. Fuck  but never make love, unless inlove. Yes truth hurts, but speak the truth because it will never hurt as bad as a lie. Give with out expecting in return. Live,  for you are not guaranteed a tommorrow. Words are meant to be heard, not forgotten.” -Mayimba


“Till this day she has the key to my heart..when I wake up she’s present, when I go to sleep shes by my side..she helps me cook n clean, is there to put a smile on my face, makes me laugh and can even make me cry at times but she still has me..when I’m in a bad mood she’s the only one I turn to..when someone has something bad to say, you always find the perfect words for a comeback.. She’s engraved in my skin..I trust her because she has given me hope and answers.. Me with out u it’s like lungs with no air.. u complete me.. Her name is music ♥”


“turn off…women that smoke.. that think drinking solves all their problems, and women who think its cute to be cussing and sticking out the middle finger all the time, that is not cute ladies…classy is the way to go!”


“I’m a sucker for love, I live by it, n I’ll die to keep it. The happiest moments I have had in my life have been while inlove. And there is no more wonderful feeling then when ur inlove. Nothing and no one else matters… #live#laugh#love #mymotto”


“I want for ever with someone, not a month to month, not a few months, not a year, not years, I want for ever… Is for ever enough? Not for me 🙂 #sheshallfindme”


“They say, usualy when u feel there’s something wrong, either there is somn wrong, or u did somn wrong, I just think it’s funny cuz yesturday I read somn dat said, a guilty concience worries n tells u they are ok n that there’s nothing wrong with out u even asking it or mentioning it.. #ineedsomnreal


“Only amateurs listen to one side of the story, n only fools let something gd go as a result of this #friends #loved1s #fam -mayimba”


“In other words… Those who love with fear of getting hurt, do not know the true meaning of loving unconditionaly. -mahhfknyimba”


“People… Stop being afraid of loveing once again.. Yea u got hurt but dont we all!? Love like uv never been hurt, trust like uv never been lied to, love and DO things with out expecting anything in return and give it ur all! Some people are so afraid of giving their all all over again just incase it doesnt work, but u wont really know if u found the one because they might think ur not the one just cuz YOU DIDNT give ur all! Then who’s fault is it really!? It takes two to make it work! U only have one life, live it!”


Am i hurt? Use to it

Crying? Should be only happy tears..

Disapointed? Lol not surprised

What happened?she lost the battle

U seem ok? Shouldnt i be 🙂

U need a vacation! Tell me about it lol

Will u love again? …..my wife will appreciate my past fk ups 🙂


“Sorry but im tiered of being a teacher… You have been under construction since the day i met you..eehh close to graduating!? Nah you’re far from it! Hmu ina few yrs maybe then you’ll be ready, maybe it’ll b too late. Or just maybe the cycle begins all over.ugh nahhhh mi corazon esta de lutooooo!”


do not claim to want a wife, when you are no where close to being one”!!!!!! like for real whats ur deffenition of a wife?! the person u wanna spend the rest of ur life with!? uugh so frustrating!”I put people through tests..but elll diablooo theres just so many u can fkn fail before u get droped!! #hopeizgone”


“Bitchz should come wit a label on the side sayin “side affects”lmfao i callem bitches cuz i dunno their names individualy *kat william voice”My efforts are effortless, when i fall i fall hard, when i love i love hard, so when she says im amazeing, i couldnt agree anymore 🙂 #unica”Lol uumm… So cuz u couldnt have me u tryna go after what follows me!? Umm u dont phase me 🙂 at da end of the day.. I win (giggles) youuuuuu loooooooose!! *in my nicki voice! Yea n that goes to show why i dont have no friends, cuz they cant get at me they go against me! Tu ta looooocooooo eh!! Lmfao #hungrybroadsdontphazeme”


“We put a fake smile to hide the pain, yet we wish someone would look closely enough & see how broken we truly are inside….”spend life with who makes you happy, not who you have to impress ♥”


“When someone say I LOVE YOU and you don’t know how to respond.. just say I LOVE YOUTUBE real fast LMFAO!!!”


“lo que ta pa ti, ta pa ti, in other words what is meant for you, will be for you. doesnt matter the time or distance… #BELEIVE”


“Umm i just wanna get married n live happily ever after! Fairytale? Hellz nah someone will b very lucky one day :)”


TIP#9: stop assuming shit!!! Dicen q el q busca encuentra, in otha words those who look, shall find… Some people are so convinced that the othe person is doing something that they look and look till they look so hard that when they dont find nothing they make shit up… U need to stop.. If you dont trust ur significant other then u shouldnt b with them. A relationship with out trust is NOT a relationship! So stop assuming that ur being done wrong cuz eventualy u acuse someone so much of something that at the end of the day they end up doing it anyways cuz ur so convinced of it that it really wouldnt make a difference if it was true or false.. #trustissues”


TIP#8: someone who loves unconditionaly is one who puts you first! someone who would put all of their dreams and goals on the side to make yours come true! Migente there is 24 hrs in a day and how productive do you spend that time? Hard work pays off so im that type that if i have to pick up a second job to make sure my wifey goes to school or wants to acheive something ama do it? so are you willing to do the same for your loved one? hustle hard and make things happen instead of talking about it! everything takes time, be determined and patient, and u shall pervail :)”


“TIP#7: DONT GET TOO COMFORTABLE!!! uff iv said this plenty of times already…people when they fall inlove dont realize that love isnt the only thing that holds a relationship together…with that being said take care of your body migente..yes me more than ANYBODY knows what its like to slack n let go, but i learned that people dont just love you for you. Make sure to stay in shape, eat as healthy as you can, and dont EVERthink ” oh she/he” loves me for me and doesnt care about what i look like or for “my bummy days”…umm YES they do! its acceptable at home or under some sercumstances…best efforts are the effortless ones :)”


TIP#6: stop the lazyness! Go out of your way to show that they dont need anybody else but you… She cooks? Do the dishes! clean her house for no particular reason… She got kids!? Offer to take them out so she can relax for a few hours..u off n shes at work? Figure out if she needs something, cook dinner so she doesnt have to… Pay attention to the little things.. Basicly be there for her when she least expects u to be :)”


TIP#5: i dont know how much i push this subject but here it goes again… Love like uv never been hurt before.. Its the most wonderful feeling when ur not afraid of it..some people think its rediculouse to show how much u love someone or think its corny to see someone luby duby all the time.. But havnt u noticed those are always the happiest mofos lol!? well i choose to b happy if it happens to me! everyday should b ur task to show ur significant other how much they mean to you”


“TIP#4: stop with the sneaky shit! If u didnt have nothing to hide, u wouldnt b bothered by ur “significant other” checking ur phone or asking where u are at. Ppl that get bothered deff feel like they have something to hide… So umm yeah ur sneaky ass aint dat sneaky anymore after dis stat!”


TIP#3: COMUNICATION CONO!!! is there something bothering you that she/he does?! let them know! im sorry we aint all geniouses to know exactly how you feel, not everyone acts the same way towards your actions..there might me something they do that bothers u that didnt bother an ex! if u dont express it they will not know! so let them know what the problem is and u better expect a solution!”


“TIP#2: STOP the whole jelousy shit! if you are 100% sure of what you have to offer, then there is no reason for the jelousy! sooo umm u still get jelouse!? well step it the fk up and stay ontop of the game! she make more money, dress betta, look betta? umm watchu waiting for to BE BETTER!? mi gente u are what you beleive u can be! if you can offer the best u shouldnt have to worry about someone else doing it for u…nuff said”


TIP#1: when you are truely commited to someone, do not keep people around you that can be a threat to your relationship! (if you knew them from before) keep them at a distance, but NEVER take their advice cuz all they gonna do is tell you whats convenient to them.. (if you dont have that much knowing them or just met) they are not important enough to jepordise your relationship if you really want it to work..in otha words CUT THEM OFF 🙂 cuz they deff not around for your best interest”


“Deff must repost this…. DO NOT LEAVE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE FOR THE HOE OF THE NIGHT 🙂 #nuffsaid”


“bueno some ppl takeing my tips as a gd thing and some not so well! i got a BIPOLAR msg thanking me and sorta hateing me at the same time for fkn up a relationship…lol umm what i gotta say!? YOUR FKN WELCOME DUMMY!! 🙂 for those of you who choose to settle for less than what anybody deserve its your choice!! YOU can choose to BE happy! dont hang on to false hope…on dat note..my tips will continue 😉 #ZERObulto”


“Love just aint enough for me anymore… So bring all u got.. U fkn wit la mayimba now :)”


Yo… Havnt u ever had a mosquito bite n u start scratch… N the itch is so bad u scratch even harder that eventualy that shit starts feeling so gd u twerl ur toes n even might roll ur eyes back n even suck ur teeth lmfaoooo… Damn mini orgasm type feelin haha #justsayn”


“Mmmmm i actualy get even more turned on if she tells me to stop 😡 makes me wana hit it harder ;)”


“I dont ask for a dime piece, i dont ask for diamonds and pearls, or for $$$ and fine dineing.. I ask for a lil something more.. For u to take the time n consider that something that might not cost a pennie, means a million ♥ ty”


“Im not perfect… But im workin on being the closest thing to it ^_^ ♥…i know its impossible, but its something worth fighting for #truth”


“I guess u will never know how much i love u, till u learn to accept that someone truely loves u, i guess u will never know how to trust, till u accept that i would never hurt u, i guess u will never know how beautiful u are, till u learn to put ur insecurities to the side and learn to love ur imperfections, i guess u will never know how perfect we were together, because one thing u did learn is, everything i tought you… I guess i will never know, if it was worth being the teacher.. I guess i will never know :/ – Mahhfknyimba”


“I turn from this 😦 to this 😀 ina ♥ beat.. Call it bipolar, but its just ME ^_^”




“They say…” if you love them, let them go, n if she/he comes back to u, ull know”… Wtf i say? They shoulda never left! #nuffsaid”


“It took one day to meet me, a week to realize u loved me, a matter of minutes to fk it all up, hrs of begging for forgivness, now an eternity to try n replace me.. funny how time works huh ..#storyofmahexs #un-replaceable”


“lol sneaky bitches are just a faded memory in mah book….riding dolo! oh i appreciate the honesty after u do it, dont mean ama stick around for more! #tenstepsaheadbaby”


“its like, when u single no wifey material to be found, but when u taken bitches be raining, specialy tryna do mission impossible to either break ur shit or steal it!! lmfao to eta palomo me dan risa meng! oye lo que yo dejo lo dejo vien preparao…como un pollo orniao!!! lmfao #laqseriedeultimo #maahhfknyimba”


“Its hard to avoid and forget someones past, when the past is always present…” -Mayimba


“If u can truely sit there.. And look at the future.. And see her with someone else… Then let her go… But if u cant.. Then fight for whats urs… But by the time u realize.. It might b too late… In ur situation.. Is it?”


“Anotha lesson for the amatures: if ur not happy its cuz u choose to not b happy.. If ur relationship does not or did not work, thats also ur choice.. Nobody is perfect but if u really want something bad, ull adjust ur whole life for that one..make them happy n theyll keep u happy.. Make changes for the better ppl.. Dont think that ull b accepted for just “you being you”.. Cuz if they are like me, i dont except nutn but the best..ull get what u pursue, pursue what u deserve.. #nuffsaid”


“those who are new to the game are amatures…imature ppl think that its impossible to love more than ones..actualy it is possible to love more than once, once twice even twenty times, love is endless and so are people…mature ppl know that it doesnt matter how many times uv been inlove, its about who was worth loving…love is love..only cuz it didnt work out it doesnt mean that it wasnt true love..it just means that wasnt the person that deserved it.. -Maahhfknyimba ♥”


“idc to look like a fool..ill shout it out to the world how much i love her..yeah its been a rough start, but nobody is perfect..im her teacher, n she is my healer, and together we are ONE…just yesturday, i had her pinned against the wall, while listening to music, and for over an hour all we did was hold each other, danced, laughed, and just cherished every minute that passed by..she looks at me and i can tell shes inlove with me, i look at her and she can tell iv turned myself in as well..shes it! and if i dont beleive that, then its not possible.. #ibeleive 10.21.11”


“love is for warriors..fighters with a mission to win.. fight everyday to show that person how much u love them, fight to prove that they are the only ones visible through your eyes, fight to prove that you are their best option, fight to prove that nobody can make love, kiss, touch her like you do, fight everyday to prove to her why you are her “one”…fight for love..there is no greater feeling ♥ #illfighttillmyneverendinghappyness -Maahfknyimba :)”


“they say you are who u surround uself with…thats why u neva really see me around anybody cuz im my own inspiration, motivation, councelor, ect…i dont need anyone to lead my life for me thats why its called “my life”..and as you can see I also dont gaf what anybody thinks or says about me…cuz if u not my friend, or family..then u really dont know me..n sadly..not even my own fam knows me..so yeah im the only critic in my story book.. -Maaahhhfknyimba ;)”


“la mujer perfecta no es la mas bella ni es la mas inteligente. La mujer perfecta es la que no puede vivir sin verte a los ojos, que te da toda la confianza del mundo, la que le puede gritar al mundo lo mucho que te ama sin apenarce, la mujer perfecta es la que te da todo su amor sin pedir nada a cambio ♥ ;)”


“She said “I wish you were my first kiss, hug, love, fuck etc but I’m glad you will be my last :)”


“Dont judge my actions by what u see…one day in my life, in my head, and i guarantee u wont bare..”


“Like a sun shower tell her to smile thru da tears cuz in the end you 2 are tied not only by flesh but by blood (the heart) its a powerful thing to be in love n with Faith Obediance n Strength you guys will make it ♥


“I always expect less, so that im either surprised, or never disapointed smh”


“Damn…my instincts are kicking in again :/ i hate this feeling… Will i choose to ignore them n suffer the consequences, or listen to them n hope that im right? #instintctsarealwaysright”


“After me… Ur categorized as “settleing”.. Cuz u had da best #pow#hopeless lmfao”


“fool me once, shame on u, fool me twice, shame on me nuff said”


“Bitch so fine i want a 3sum wit 2 of u lol diablooooo!! Drake b killn it meng”


“echo” by gorilla zone just heard this song for the first time!! Lmfao fkn hilarious!! #dedicatedtoallthefkups ;)”


“Love isnt only about the actions u take to demonstarte it, or the words u say or how many “i love you” u can say in one day, (never enough when its real), but a lifetime of hard work and dedication to keep each others hearts lit, like the first day u realize u ARE inlove ♥ #awisewomanoncesaid -Mayimba”


“The best love of all is to love like you’ve never been hurt… Ill take as many heart breaks as i can till i find the ONE cuz that ONE will make the fk ups regret ever fkn up..my life has been a novela with its drama n up n downs, but my story deserves a happy ending..live like its ur last day, love me like im ur first, n lets laugh like we each others comedians -Mayimba”